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Florin E Ionescu
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Florin E Ionescu This is my favourite song. I love it! Favorite track: Picture Perfect.
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Adentro 04:31
I know that you’ve got more than a lot Of lovin’ to give but you keep telling me We should stop I know you want in, so deep within Without feeling you days are wastin’ away Won’t you stay? Lay me down where I belong On the floor, it’s been so long Since I felt you, really felt you I used to sing the saddest songs Now it’s time to move on from this darkness From this darkness… T’espero adentro, tú eres el centro De mi mundo, profundo el amor que yo siento por ti Mmm… no es fácil de decir The trouble with you, you make me feel like a fool I want it so bad that it’s makin’ me mad What can I do? The trouble with me when I crawl at your feet I got no dignity when I’m beggin’ for love Can’t you see? Me dices “seas calma” que “no quiero más drama” Pero mi alma te llama en la noche en mi cama Y lo más importante, nuestro amor es delirante Es un proceso, un peso inmenso, intenso y El amor ideal es un poco irreal, sobrenatural Universal, total, nada más Te quiero adentro hasta’l final
Think 03:36
Who am I kidding? I can’t stop this feeling It takes me high, it takes me low And I don’t know which way to go Your lips – deceiving, but I’m not leavin’ There’s no amount of lies I wouldn’t take Just to see your face another day Say I’m crazy, I’m crazy for you I think with my heart and my soul and my… Uuh! Think with my... Uuh! It’s not in my power to stop countin’ the hours Until I’m back where I belong To feel this love that feels so strong It’s so electric, no second guessin’ There’s no amount of pain I wouldn’t take just to play I wish there was another way But I can’t keep myself away from you It’s crazy, but it’s true, I’m crazy just for you And there’s no other way I just can’t keep my hands away from you I’m just thinkin’ with my... Uuh Say I’m crazy, I’m crazy for you Don’t you know that I adore you With all of my... Uuh! All of my... just for you
What’s behind the perfect picture that she posted? Does she know where you’d been the night before? Does she suspect that you used those arms to hold me And how endlessly you kissed me in the cold? And I opened up to you Forgetting lies, forgetting truth Forgetting what I shouldn’t do ‘Cause all I have is you And it hurts like hell Picture perfect memories Instead of her it should be me Babe, you know it hurts like hell Playing house and raising kids It’s like she’s fucking breaking, stealing, living my dreams From my bed you went back into her arms You washed away the girl you left behind And those hands so soft and warm that pleased my body Are wrapped around her waist so proudly now I’ve seen your eyes burn in the dark And I was the one to light up the spark I had you free, had you wicked & wild I know your dark side It hurts like hell, I can never tell To be the other woman in his game It hurts… The picture perfect memories I know you’ll never-ever share with me.
Never thought I could feel so alone Never thought that my heart could turn to stone But you, you made it possible Never thought I could live without living Never thought you could leave with no reason Oh, but you… you made it possible For a second there, I forgot who I was I forgot what I wanted to be I forgot how it felt to breathe in the air, believe in love, Feel the sand on my feet Bring it back, bring it back Whatever you took, bring it back I think you planned the perfect goodbye Without knowing the when and the why You, you made it impossible Never thought there would be no forever I look at you and you look like a stranger After all, how’s that possible? You left me alone with a heart of stone Bring it back
I wrote it letter by letter, perfectly together All those pages now, I wanna watch them turn Used to burn with desire, caught in the fire Sweeping through the ashes, now I finally learn I was feeding the hunger Lost in the house of thunder I made my wrongs feel right Just to pass the time... One by one, the bridges burn And I will not be waiting on your return One by one, the bridges burn And I will not be waiting on your return I was losing my mind drawing those lines Bottom of the bottle, I... couldn't drink you away I was watching the flames invite and invade Disintegrate all that I am I used to burn with desire 'til I became the fire All those bridges now, I wanna watch them burn
I’ve been crazy, a little... jaded Under the radar I under…estimated I’ve been lonely Without someone to hold me A little too proud to say it out loud Wanted someone to love me I held my tears ‘cause nobody could stop them I dropped my fears ‘cause nobody could top them I threw my rocks and I built them a bottom… Tell me how does it feel When you doubt everyone and everything? Tell me how does it feel When you’ve been where I’ve been And you don’t feel a thing? With my heart wide open I keep dreaming away With my eyes wide shut I want you to stay Could it be possible That we found each other? I've been messy... passive-agressive Holdin' my ground, safe but not sound I've been restless, I was losing my patience A little too proud to say it out loud
My girlfriends warned me he’s an animal That kind of predator, cold-blooded criminal Before he played me I could bet he was one in a million So I went to the vet for a second opinion If he’s allowed to rip my heart without a warning I’ll get revenge on the edge, he won’t see it coming I’ll put my lover to sleep ‘cause he fuckin’ deserves it He lies and he cheats more than he’s worth it Make him pay, it’s okay, for the way that he hurt me If he’s fuckin’ with me, I’ll put my lover to sleep I’ll put my lover to sleep, I’ll put my lover to sleep, I’ll put my love, love, lover, put my my lover to sleep How many milligrams per pound for an overdose? His betrayal’s worth more than his weight in gold He pretended ‘til the end he’s the answer to my wishes Then he tore my fairtytale to irregular pieces I’m not his miss, misstress, I’m a fearless tigress, lioness, No stress - if he bites, I’ll bite right back, I’ll bite right back I’ll put my lover to sleep, I’ll put my lover to sleep, I’ll put my love Put my my lover to sleep.
I know that you’ve got more than a lot My poison of choice is the sound of our voices When we find our harmony between pain and extasy There is no escape, I keep repeatin’ this tape Addiction and denial, new record every time Please, stay here... say I’m all you need This love is my curse, my best and my worst And it’s hard to let go of the sweetest pain I know This love is my curse, a blessing I don’t deserve And it’s hard to let go of the sweetest pain I know Do you you still feel those butterflies When you look deep into my eyes? Do you still see right through me? I know you like to hurt me so bad And we both know there’s no way back Do you still feel those butterflies when you see me cryin’? This love can break my bones and take the best of me This love can take me apart until I’m finally free This love... my best, my worst, my curse, this love.
Daddy's Song 03:45
The Backdoor 02:52
My Diary 03:33
You have this image of me, what I’m supposed to be And I can’t count all the times you said I was done for But I’ve come pretty far for a girl with big dreams in a small town And it might sound cliché, but I did it my way And I don’t look back in anger I won’t hold it against you, I might even pretend to Be grateful for your absence I wrote it all, so I know That every step has brought me closer And if you wonder where I’ve been I’m leavin’ you my diary I wrote it all, so you know I’m feeling older, but not wiser And if you wonder what it means It’s all in my diary With no rooftop over my head, I felt Free to roam and write my story And I might not be quite there yet But I ain’t lookin’ for no hometown glory And I’ve always had a thing for bad boys You’ll find me where there’s trouble What matters most always cut through the noise I made music from my sorrow … of dreams I dream big, don’t know other way to do it So don’t judge me, there’s nothing to it I want everything, it’s all or nothing So don’t judge me I’m leaving you my diary So read every page, yeah, read every page of me
Songbird 03:04
Once upon a time, where the white poppies grow In a land with no dark, where there was only love A tiny, fragile songbird used to dream at night To get there, in that special place That’s where she never got Oh, no, no, no, I’m the only one who knows Songbird is tired, songbird is weak She can’t fly no more with her broken wings Songbird is finished, she can’t even dream Someone took away all she believed in She tried to be strong and to hold her head up But the storm put her down, so she never came back The story is sad, but what’s past must be past Maybe on another string she will make it last And she may say she will stand like a rock But the most gentle wind can turn her to dust Oh, no, no, no, I’m the only one who knows Songbird is tired, songbird is… Me.


I’ve always felt things with extreme intensity, the highs and the lows, the darkest days and most beautiful moments. It’s always been my blessing and my curse, my inner reality. When I was 12, I began writing songs and ever since, music has been my escape, my hope, my everything. Even when I stopped believing in myself, I kept believing in my music. The songs you will hear are scattered pieces of my four-chambered heart, crystallized and crafted to tell more than a story. They will take you through all the chaotic but harmonizing moods of my journey: the sexy playfulness, the enchanting darkness, the serene innocence and the soul storms. I’ve always had a thing for wings – and all winged things. Today, the wings of my music are spreading farther and wider than I’ve ever dreamed. Now, I am becoming all I’ve wanted to be and more – the woman, the poet, the child, the resilient soul, the restless seeker – all in the songs of a bird.


released June 8, 2017

Music & Lyrics: NAVI / Marian Nica
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Marian Nica @ NMC Productions
Solo guitar on "The Burning Process": Andrei Grigore (Mega)
Executive producer: Marian Nica

Art direction: Marian Nica and NAVI
Illustrations: Cristina Calara


all rights reserved



NAVI Bucharest, Romania

If music is the soundtrack to life, I write for drama / toxic magic love / stormy breakups, white nights and messy mornings.

My new single "Universuri Paralele" is OUT NOW!

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